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Anagha Fume Extraction
Anagha Fume Extraction:

We offer a diverse range Fume Extraction System which is generally applicable to all types of production units. As the name suggests, this system is used to extract fume from various industrial chimneys. We manufacture various standard and customized extraction systems according to the customer's needs and specifications.

  • Increased productivity and safety
  • Environment friendly
  • Turn-key execution of system for extraction of corrosive fumes and gases
  • Ensures hygienic working atmosphere
  • Committed to a cleaner environment
  • High separation efficiencies of 1 micron particulate and gaseous emissions
  • Customized process equipment for metal finishing industries
Application area:
  • Hot-dip Galvanizing Plants
  • Pipe pickling Plants
  • Stainless Steel Pickling Plants
  • Wire Pickling Lines
  • Electroplating/Anodizing Plants
  • Metal Finishing Industries
  • Surface Treatment Plants
Suitable for high temperature (up to 450 C), dust and all types of fumes (corrosive), our gamut of fume extraction systems can be custom made as per the hi layout of the plant. These systems provide dust free, fumes free and clean atmosphere in the application area and are very simple to use. The industries in which these systems are catered to are as follows:
  • Rubber and plastic moulding industries
  • Foundries
  • Chemical process industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Heat treatment plants
  • Chemical treatment plants
  • Steel
  • Cement
  • Power plants
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